Know what you own  – know its value – know how to more efficiently and profitably use it! 

Who we are:

The Value of Technology Intelligence is found in solutions that are guided by our commitment to get it right. It’s built by Micor professionals who constantly expand the industry by bringing technical knowledge and finely honed financial, management, and process skills to every assignment.

Technology Intelligence is how Micor Analytics approaches  our clients’ technology management needs. We apply research and  experience to solve the financial and operational challenges  facing technical industries, to give them not just a solution,  but a result.

The pace of technological change is daunting. Keeping track  of all the hardware and software developments that impact the  day-to-day operations of your business can sometimes feel like  it’s keeping you from actually running your business. Micor  provides insights and systems to help you manage your technology  budget, gain clarity into your workflow, and take control over  your technology infrastructure.