Product Suite

Major features of the suite

  • Enables you to monitor and orchestrate repair, maintenance, and event tasks of your Municipality … anywhere they are, from anywhere you are.
  • Automate notifications, reports, common tasks, assignments, ordering, and other repetitive tasks using IOT and analytics systems.
  • Assets tracking – know the logistics, history, maintenance, and accounting status of your physical assets.
  • Easy adoption for all stakeholders – multilingual, intuitive GUI, simplified input, web desktop. Easy adoption for staff and management at all levels.
  • Sold as a service, integrated and customize to your needs and existing infrastructure, vendor supervised gate keeping and support. Plug and play.

Components of the suite

  • Service Ticketing and Monitoring – real time incident reporting, task assignment, tracking and reporting via a simple to use, cloud service that saves deployment and supervision time. This component is in use at several hotels including Marriott and Hilton properties.
  • Orchestration and Analytics – developed for telecom critical operations, this system monitors operations and collects data to automate tasks, auto-deploy contingencies, and predict failure as well as shortened useful life. This applies to physical plant, kitchen, furniture and fixtures and other facility assets. This component is in use at AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, and others.
  • Repair and Asset Support –a documentation and support system that provides repair history, operating information, repair manuals, and manufacturer bulletins for service staff. Also, it documents dependent system and supports systems (such as electrical, ventilation, and water). This component is deployed at the Dirkson Federal Building in Chicago.
  • Asset Management and Data Integration – the collection, tagging, inventory, logistics, historical costs, useful life, and other data used to track the assets for service, management, and financial purposes. Data is maintained and linked to suite components and existing systems such as accounting and billing software. The QuickScan smart phone app supports full asset lifecycle tracking.